Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sree Kshethrapaalan Temple -Udinoor

Udinoor is situated 5 km from Thrikkaripur and 1 km west to Nadakkaav  Junction . Raajas of Kolathiri kingdom worshipped  war godes of sree kshetrapaalan,Sree vairajatahan (Sree veerabhadran),Sree saastha and sree vettakkorumakan . sree kshetrapaalan wa born from the lap (Mati) of lord shiva for annihilation of wikked persons and this gave him the name of Matiyan.This temple have close relation to Matiyan koolam. Udinoor the name is derived from the name of udayanan,who was one among the kolathiris.Udinoor is a part of allada swaroopam.

   Legend : Deepam (Lighted  Lamp)  was lit on the Arayaal-thara (Baniyan tree ) at the south west of the Koviakam (Palace) as per the direction of Kshetrapalan.On the next day of the incident,Sree Kshetrapalan along with Devi of payyanur visited the Kovilakam and showed their presence by taking a Kinti (Bell metal Globet) of milk from the mother of the house and keeping the empty kinti upside down.The lady of the kovilakam tired to tack it back but it was seen fixed.By Astroligical way it has been found that Sreekshetrapaalan and Kalarathi amma entered in the kovilakam Padinjatini ( Prayer room). Kovilakam people constructed separate Sreekovil for Kshetrapaalan and Kaliratri Amma.It is believed that Kalarathri is the mother of Kshetrapalaka.

Sreekovil of  Sree Kshetrapalaka is rectangular shape and ''Dwi Thala '' (Two storied), Shivalinga Prathista .Kalarathri amma Sreekovil is  Square 'Eka Thala'  (Single storied) in shape. Most attaractive part of this temple is carvings an paintings  in the mukha manadapam,Sreekovil etc.  done on both wood and rock include "Palazhimathanam", "Vivahachadangu", "Ghoshayathra", "Prasavam" etc.Another spectacular thing is the arrayal vilakku  ( Traditional Lamp in the shape of Baniyan tree).  Festival :The important rituals and festivities of this temple  is "Paatulsavam". This starts from the day of Kartika in the month of Makara according to Malayalam Calendar. The Paatulsavam goes on for 9 days.  The 10th day is Shudhikalasham. The 11th day of the festival includes the depiction of Theyyam. The 4 important 'Theyyakolam's are "Puthiyaramban", "Padarkulangara Bagavathy", "Paradevatha" and "Vadakkevadukkal Bagavathy". The 7th day of the festival is of foremost importance, the most important ritual being that of "Ezhunallathu". Morning 3 times and 5 times at dusk and night the godly weapons or "Thiruvayuddam" is taken around the temple.