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Trichambaram SriKrishna Temple

  One of the ancient srikrishna temple in north kerala (Uthara Guruvayoor)situated  in Thaliparamba –Kannur dt. The temple enshrines Lord Krishna in his child-form, soon after slaying Kamsa.The temple is believed to be built by Lord Parashuram, the mythological architect of Kerala, who had put down the rituals, routine, worship and details of the annual festival and  Shambara Maharshi  worshipped the Lord here. So the place came to be known as Sri Sambaram which later became Trichambaram.
The Srikovil (sanctum sanctorum )is round shaped  is double storied and copper roof.( Out side roof is like a square pyramid shape) with a golden thazika kudam at the top. The temple is of great archeological importance and contains one of the most wonderful collection of mural paintings in South India. The srikovil  has beautiful wood carvings which demonstrate scenes from the Epic Mahabharata, and murals paintings that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The sculptures on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum are a class by themselves and displays the craftsmanship of ancient times.

Krishna Facing to East ,North side of main entrance, outside of the Nalambalam  Durga devi  siting in a pound. Mahalakshmi sitting in a lotus pond.Devi facing to west ,Pond having constant water in peak summer and it belived as as theertham. North to Durga devi temple  main  pond (Chira) ,Here every one can take bath.There is a shiva temple in the north west side of the main temple.near to that Sri. Sambari Maharshi Samadhi also.There is a Goshala in north side of temple ( No cow’s now a days).

 The annual temple festival (Utsavam) is a colourful event. The fortnight-long (14 Days)festival begins on Kumbham 22 of Malayalam calendar (which generally falls on March 6) every year with the kodiyettam (hoisting of a religious flag) and comes to an end on Meenam 6 (which generallay falls on March 20). At this time the idol of Krishna's brother Lord Balram is brought from Dharmikulangara Temple at Mazhoor and they are stay together at Trichambaram. In between these dates, for 11 days, thitambu nriththam (a sort of dance with the deities of Krishna and Balarama) is held at Pookoth Nada( NH-47 -1 km from temple).

Last day of festival is Koodipiriyal ( Parapurathu Ulsavm ,( Parauram – a near by ground )) it is held in day time (After noon). Both krishna & balarama  play together  at parapuram end of the time Krishna saw a milk pot  and  behind that by forgetting his brother and  return to Thrichambaram temple, Balarama many times call Krishna back for the play , Finally very sadly balarama will  return to Dharmikulangara Temple.

Normally Elephant is a part of temple festivell and temple rituals. But here Elephant is not permit to enter temple premise, because here Srikrishna  after killing of Kuvalayapeeda .

Infront of the temple (East side ) there is a Elanji tree,it never gives fruit.In Ulsavam season ‘  Mothiram vechu thozal ‘ done in the  Ilanji leaves here.There is a big peepal( Arayal) tree in the West side gives very pleasant purified air  in this temple premises.It is belived that after the death through this Arayal can reach Heaven (Mukthi).

The most important offerings is “Karayila Appam” (unni appam). This is prepared in Agrasala and dedicated to God on the Mandapam by Antherjanams.Palpayasam for 'santhanalabdhi'.
This temple managrd by TTK Devaswam, under malabar devaswam board.

Temple timings: 
Morning: 5.00  am to 12.00 am   
Evening : 5.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Main offering  : Unniyappam,palappayasam.
Utsavam :  Kumbham 22  to Meenam 6 (As per malayalam Calender)
How to reach :
By Road: Taliparamba route -20 km from Kannur 
By Train: Pazayangadi /Kannur Rly Station 
By Air : Kozhikode /Mangalore Airport.